Ryan Reynolds has a crush on Helen Mirren and we don’t blame him

If Blake Lively’s husband didn’t charm every atom in your body when he dressed up as Deadpool and posed like a superhero fashion model for Twitter, or talked about what an awesome mother his wife is (he called her a “human Denny’s” which I promise was very cute in context), then you MIGHT be immune to cute. You might not be immune to THIS next-level cuteness, though:  Blake Lively posted a picture of Ryan making googly eyes at Helen Mirren with the caption: “Should I be concerned that my husband never looked at me this way?”

Looks like someone is calling out on your secret crush, Ryan Reynolds! While we know Blake is totally joking, and Ryan is utterly into his wife, we don’t blame him for looking so deeply into Helen Mirren’s eyes. She is utterly crush-worthy for so many, many reasons. Here are just a few:

She’s won ALL the awards
I mean, Helen Mirren is very clearly a goddess. She’s a talented, powerful, woman who leaves us super inspired. Not only is she an actress who has won every award under the sun (an Academy Award, three Golden Globes, four Emmys, four BAFTAs, and more!), but the movies she stars in are cinematic masterpieces, with complicated female characters who challenge conventional stereotypes.

She’s versatile as all get out
Besides serious roles, like in The Queen, The Tempest, and The Debt, Helen Mirren has been on 30 Rock.  And has voiced Becky’s “inner thoughts” in Glee. She was also in Monsters University.

She’s broken the record for playing queens
Helen Mirren is a queen, so it makes sense that she’s played three different queens ruling over Britain (Elizabeth I, Elizabeth II, and Charlotte of Mecklenburg-Strelitz).

She’s just crazy-fashionable.
From when she was a younger actress to now, Helen Mirren has always proven herself to be effortlessly chic, and we’re super inspired by her closet. Behold: some vintage photos of Helen and her Stevie Nicks dresses, her glitter heels, and those go-go boots.

Even her memoir is totally unlike anything we’ve ever read 

Instead of writing a standard celebrity memoir, Mirren took the opportunity to create an artistic collage of her personal history. In the Frame: My Life in Words and Pictures is both an honest narrative of her upbringing and career, and a scrapbook of personal photos that date all the way back to her grandparents’ wedding in Moscow. Mirren tells The Huffington Post, “Originally I was only supposed to write, really, just little captions for the pictures, and I was supposed to write about 15,000 words. And I finished up writing about 56,000 words,” she said, “It came incredibly easy. I really didn’t edit it at all.” Genius.

Our Lady Mirren is also just incredibly wise

The 69-year-old actress has endless advice and insight that is insanely brilliant. Helen has a wealth of smart quotes that are super applicable to all of our lives.

For instance, this quote on being yourself:

Or her take on what it means to a be feminist:

She is an all-around inspiration and a true badass. So yeah, we get it Ryan. We’re totally crushing on Helen, too.

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