Ryan Reynolds and Conan O’Brien making out in this “Notebook” parody is the gift we didn’t even know we needed

It’s probably fair to say that we’ve all seen The Notebook multiple times, and laughed/cried until we couldn’t feel anymore. But have you laid eyes on the sequel, starring Ryan Reynolds and “Conan McAdams”?

Vulture let us know that Ryan Reynolds makes out hard core with Conan O’Brien in a recreation of that iconic rain-kiss scene for “The Notebook 2.” And they seriously SELL IT.

Okay, we know what you’re thinking. It couldn’t possibly rival the real thing, given that we learned everything we need to know about love from The Notebook (no biggie), and it even inspired a real-life love story. But it kinda does — their chemistry is undeniable, and this is no ordinary kiss AT ALL. Are you mentally prepared for what’s about to happen? Skip ahead to about 4:07 in the below video to see them in all their make out glory.


Now if that doesn’t bring you right back to the movie, we don’t know what does! Oh, and it feels like an appropriate time to relive the actual kiss right about now.

Seriously though, we’re so grateful that Reynolds swung by Conan’s show to promote his new movie, The Notebook 2 (and show us that meat-underwear, which we’re still processing). That highly emotional scene really stretched the guys acting muscles (not to mention their face muscles).

Yeah, it was awkward when the clip was over, but…Reynolds was right on point when he said:

"That was really something there."

OH! And did you notice the tagline for this special sequel? “Behind Every Great Host is a Great Guest.”

Stop it, you guys! We can’t handle the love!