Ryan Reynolds joked that he used glue for his Valentine’s Day cake for Blake Lively, but BUDDY YOU BETTER NOT

Romance is alive and well. Today, on the day we celebrate the Feast of Saint Valentine, is a day full of it, from those chalky conversation hearts to roses and sweet little gifts being exchanged between significant others, friends and family. Whether you’re single or in a couple or throuple (hey, we don’t judge), Valentine’s Day is a day of love.

Celebrity sweethearts and rom-com stars Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively are no stranger to love both onscreen and off, and they are feeling the love today — celebrities, they’re just like us! The happily married #couplegoals are busy celebrating Valentine’s Day with their two daughters, but thankfully Ryan took some time to share his romantic gift for his wife with a photo on Instagram. Because if you don’t Instagram your romantic gestures, did you ever really make them in the first place?

Turns out, the doting husband found just enough time between post-production on Deadpool 2 and filming Detective Pikachu (whispers: which, yes, is seriously a movie that is currently being made) to bake Blake a romantic heart-shaped cake. All together now: awww! But wait…what is that he wrote in the caption? I can’t quite make that out. Let’s take a closer look, shall we?

OH RYAN. NO! Noooooo. You did not just use glue on the cake. You cannot poison America’s sweetheart with glue on a cake. What have you done?

It’s gotta be a joke, right? Because if not…oh no. Just imagine that Blake, in her amazingly Valentine’s Day themed outfit, so overcome with emotion over the thought of her busy husband taking the time to bake her a heart-shaped cake for Valentine’s Day, before he could warn her about the icing glue she takes a big bit of it, only to choke and die from the literal poison poured on top. And that, ladies and gentlemen, is how Blake Lively dies.

So yeah, we’re going to go with this was just a joke for Instagram. Because otherwise our hearts couldn’t take the pain. But at least he didn’t try to use ice cream in a *creative* way.

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