Ryan Reynolds spoke about how Blake Lively made him the “father of my dreams”

If we ever needed confirmation that they were #relationshipgoals, Ryan Reynolds has revealed what he’s learned from Blake Lively, and it’s just so darn adorable.

While he might be in the dog house at the moment, partly due to the fact that he said his Life co-star and BFF Jake Gyllenhaal was a better cook than his wife, it seems that Ryan Reynolds knows how to switch on the charm, and we love hearing about him gush over Lively and what he’s learned since the pair got married four years ago.

In an interview withElle magazine, Reynolds opened up about how Blake had taught him loads, and also shared the fact that she was quite the handywoman, too.

“She’s as handy as any home-improvement character you’d ever meet, he said. Her mom will say, ‘Ryan, how do I back up this hard drive?’ And I’m just looking at her going, ‘You’re asking the wrong person. Blake is right there.’” 

Continuing, Reynolds also spoke about how he doesn’t care about his wife kissing other people on screen, and also spoke about how Blake helped him overcome his doubts about being a parent.

"There are 7 billion people on the planet. Pretty much everyone is doing it. It's not like you need to order the 'baby-starter kit' on Amazon," he said. "Instincts will come to you at the weirdest places and times. But yeah, early on, I thought, Am I going to be a good father? But I'm so much more patient than I ever imagined. I can comb a doll's hair for six hours and suddenly remember to blink."


Blake has previously spoken about how proud she is of Ryan, and even shared a cute shoutout to her husband after he got his star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame last year.


Aren’t they just the cutest family ever?

Hopefully, Ryan’s sweet shoutout to his partner will help soothe out any trouble over his cooking comments. Although, knowing Ryan Reynolds we’re not 100% sure that he’ll be able to avoid getting into trouble for long…

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