Ryan Reynolds now owns a liquor company, because of course he does

Everyone has their own opinions on what the best drink is. Whether its alcoholic or virgin, everyone is also entitled to having their opinions on what the best drink is. But that doesn’t stop passionate arguments from breaking out at every barbecue, every family holiday, every party or every gathering at a bar from trying to, once and for all, decide what the best drink is.

But no matter how hard we all argue with our friends, family and complete strangers, at least there is one thing we can all agree on: gin is the absolute worst drink in the world. It is garbage water made out of berries, which makes you think it will taste delicious and sweet, but apparently *juniper berries* came from the bowels of hell itself because only monsters like the taste of gin.

So everybody raise a glass and cheers to internet troll master Ryan Reynolds officially becoming the face of the worst drink in the world, because the actor has just bought Aviation Gin! Reynolds announced today on his Instagram and Twitter that he has acquired an ownership interest in Aviation Gin – the world’s highest rated gin and “an icon of the American craft distilling movement” founded in Portland, Oregon.

Apparently all it took was one taste and Reynolds was hooked on Aviation Gin. He pursued the investment after drinking Aviation Gin on the rocks for the first time. “Aviation is the best tasting gin in the world,” Reynolds says. “Once I tried it, I knew I wanted to get involved with the company in a big way. If you think all gin tastes the same, you’d be mistaken. Aviation is in a completely different league and I couldn’t be prouder to be a part of the company.”

At least we can forgive Reynolds for becoming the face of gin since Aviation Gin is an American gin “with a unique botanical mix that results in a much smoother, easier drinking flavor than typical London Dry gins.” If he was throwing back London Dry gins without abandon, we’d be more concerned. So does this mean the Reynolds-Lively household is exclusively serving gin from now on?