Stop everything: Ryan Reynolds and Andrew Garfield made out while Ryan Gosling accepted his Golden Globe

Sure, it’s fun to watch all our favorite celebrities accept awards up on the stage, but it’s actually more fun to watch what everyone else is doing in the audience. There are lot of blink-and-you’ll-miss-it moments…like how when Ryan Gosling accepted his award for Best Actor in a Comedy or Musical, off in the background, Ryan Reynolds and Andrew Garfield started making out.

Best moment of the 2017 Golden Globes, or BEST MOMENT OF THE 2017 GOLDEN GLOBES?

As many on social media were quick to point out, if you happened to be looking at just the right spot on the television screen, you could clearly see one bro grab the other bro and share a sweet, tender moment together. false

Please note Blake Lively to the left of all of this, who simply cannot handle it (Also feel like she has to put up with this kind of stuff all the time).

Twitter can’t handle it, either. false

And now, we can’t wait to hear the story behind this iconic moment. Was it planned? Was it spur-of-the-moment? Did Blake know this was going to happen?Did she give her blessing? Whispers, was there tongue? When can we get this Marvel movie made, huh?

Here’s to many more Ryan and Andrew kisses xoxo.

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