Ryan Phillippe says he gets mistaken for his daughter’s brother and she hates it!

Cruel Intentions alum, Ryan Phillippe might be a cool dad, but there is one thing that does repulse his daughter Ava, about him and we sort of get where she’s coming from.

Looking like her mother, Reese Witherspoon, might not bother Ava, 17, but her dad looking so young, isn’t her favorite thing about him. In fact, while promoting his new series, Shooter, Phillippe told The Late, Late Show With James Corden host that his oldest daughter gets “embarrassed,” by how young he appears.

On Wednesday, Phillippe appeared on the talkshow and opened up to James Corden about the fact that people have thought he was Ava’s brother, which was not cool in her mind. Let’s be honest he does look pretty young with that pretty boy face, but we wouldn’t want our dad being mistaken for our brother either, so we feel ya, Ava.

"I get mistaken for her brother at times, which repulses her," Phillippe said. "It absolutely repulses her that anyone could mistake me for being her brother."



Phillippe is 42 years old now, but he was a young dad, and therefore it’s not surprising that he hasn’t aged much since he actually had Ava, with his ex-wife Witherspoon.

On the show, the Delaware native revealed that he became a dad the day before he turned 25, but he was actually prepared for fatherhood way before that because he helped run his family’s day care business growing up.

"It made me ready to be a young father because I grew up raising kids," he explained. "I grew up working in the day care. I would teach the kids to swim, I would do magic shows for them."

Really, having Phillippe as your swim teacher? That would NOT have been a bad day care to go to as a child!

Phillippe is also father to lookalike son, Deacon, 13, who he shares with Witherspoon and another daughter, Kailani Merizalde, which he had with his former girlfriend, Pitch Perfect actress, Alexis Knapp in 2011.

The Secrets and Lies actor clearly falls into the hot dad category. Sorry — had to say it!