Ryan Murphy has teased a male-on-male third season of “Feud”

With Season 1 just wrapped, Ryan Murphy has teased a male-on-male season of Feud, and we have to say we’re intrigued.

The first season of Feud focused on the iconic battle between Hollywood legends Bette Davis and Joan Crawford, and it was pretty epic. We loved gaining insight into the making of Whatever Happened to Baby Jane?, and Jessica Lange and Susan Sarandon totally embodied Crawford and Davis.

What’s more, Murphy has also teased the show’s upcoming second season, revealing that the story will focus on Prince Charles and Princess Diana.

Well, Murphy has now teased the THIRD season of Feud, and it sounds incredible.

As Vanity Fair reports, Murphy let slip that he wanted to make a third season of the anthology show that focused on a feud between two men.

“I have one good idea, but I have to get the right actors,” he teased. “It’s something Mark Ruffalo and I had talked about hearing. He’s a buddy of mine from The Normal Heart, so we talked about something, but I don’t know yet. I haven’t locked into it.”


Continuing, Murphy revealed that the show would focus on some gay characters.

"Well, one of the characters is gay, he teased.

Okay, we’re not gonna lie, we absolutely LOVE the idea of a feud between two men, and it’d be amazing to have a LGBTQ storyline, too. With shows like Glee, American Horror Story, and TV movie The Normal Heart, Murphy is pretty great at making sure his shows are inclusive and diverse.

Of course, all of this excitement is *probably* a bit premature, especially given as the second season of Feud hasn’t even aired yet. However, anyone that knows how much we love TV and how much we love Ryan Murphy will know that it’s hard for us to *not* get geeked about it!

Bring it on.

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