Ryan Murphy has just revealed that a former “American Horror Story” big bad will return, and we’re shook

Hey, remember last year when we were all shook because scary clowns were running amok with knives? Well, it looks like Ryan Murphy was paying attention, and suddenly had an IDEA: Let’s bring Twisty the Clown back for Season 7 of American Horror Story!

Maybe he’s just a big fan of Twisty. Or maybe he’s just hellbent on terrifying us whatever way he can. Whatever the reason — plot-wise, or not – brace yourselves because Twisty is back. This is not a drill, this is real life.

The Czar of AHS himself, Murphy, just shared a new image of Twisty to Instagram, but it’s Twisty with a twist. Right now, it does not appear as if the real Twisty will be back. Rather, he’ll come back to life via what appears to be a comic book. Because of course.


Murphy captioned his image, “He’s Baaaaaack,” and we are both excited and scared.

Twisty, if you remember, was one of the villains from Season 4 of the series, Freak Show. He was, quite literally, a twisted clown that terrorized the surrounding area and was eventually killed by the ghost of Edward Mordrake (if you have to ask, you do not understand). So while we probably won’t see Twisty back IRL during AHS Season 7, it’s clear that his story lives on through “Clown Chronicles.”

Honestly, nothing about this is that surprising.

Also, this is more than likely the returning character that Murphy has been teasing for a while. Earlier this year, he hinted that a character from Season 4 would return in a big way, and yes, we’d call this a big return for Twisty.

So now here’s all we know about AHS Season 7: It’s about the fallout of the 2016 Presidential Election, Evan Peters has blue hair, and it’s the return of Twisty. We’ll find out the rest when AHS picks up this fall.