Ryan Murphy teased American Horror Story Season 10’s “weather-dependent” theme, so cue the theorizing

Oh no. What does this mean, Ryan Murphy? The showrunner revealed that American Horror Story Season 10 may have to be put on hold due to the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. Specifically, he said that his exact theme idea makes it difficult to film because it’s “weather-dependent.” So while this could be bad news, we also have more clues as to the AHS Season 10 theme than ever before. Our heads are spinning.

In an interview with The Wrap on May 5th, the showrunner detailed why coronavirus is particularly problematic for his production, even as nearly all TV shows and movies are on hiatus.

“A lot of what I was going to shoot was dependent on a very specific moment, it was a weather-dependent show,” Murphy said of American Horror Story Season 10.

“So now I don’t know. I don’t know what we’re going to do,” Murphy continued. “I don’t know what I’m gonna do next with that show. I don’t know if I’ll accelerate another season or wait until next year to shoot this one.”

He also noted that currently, until someone comes up with a plan to move forward with shooting, “everybody is on pause.” None of this is ideal for fans of the show, of course, but there is some hope.

“It was a very specific vibe that I was getting ready to shoot, so I guess I’ll have to wait,” he said, confirming that whenever this idea comes to fruition, “it’s a great season and I know all the actors are chomping at the bit to get into it.”

It’s not clear whether the weather-centered theme could be filmed at a later date or if 2020 has a specific weather event that they’d miss filming against. But AHS fans think the “specific vibe” would be summer-centered, which may mean they could film in summer 2021. There’s already a good amount of evidence that this is true. Murphy’s cast announcement was set against a moody, beachy backdrop, leading everyone to speculate about an ocean theme.



If Murphy has to switch to another idea last-minute, some fans believe he may take inspiration from the current crisis to make the season more topical.

He made a similar switch in 2017 after the 2016 election.

Even so, the cast and crew still wouldn’t be able to get together until quarantine and social distancing rules are lifted. Therefore, some think Murphy should just call off this year and start fresh in 2021 with the same beach theme.

The only fear is that the cast won’t be available if the show is put on hold for that long. As of right now, Murphy confirmed that AHS alumni, including Sarah Paulson, Kathy Bates, Evan Peters, Finn Wittrock, Billie Lourd, Lily Rabe, Adina Porter, Leslie Grossman, and Angelica Ross, are all coming back for the 10th installment. They’ll be joined by newcomer Macaulay Culkin.


Safety is of the utmost importance right now, and we don’t blame Murphy for wanting to put AHS Season 10 on hold. We’re just glad that our sleuthing paid off and Murphy confirmed *some* of our theories. The only thing left to do is wait and see how Murphy and the American Horror Story cast and crew decide to move forward.

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