If you’ve ever wanted to see Ryan Hansen solve murders with Samira Wiley, then we have some good news for you

Ryan Hansen, impossibly pretty man, is criminally under-appreciated as an actor. Fortunately, Hollywood knows it. Well, YouTube does, at least. If you’ve ever wanted to see Ryan Hansen solve murders while wearing a leather jacket, they’ve got a new show for you.

Ryan Hansen Solves Crimes on TV premieres on Oct. 25, and it’s your new favorite series.

Let’s break down that title a little bit. The show, itself, is a joke. The actor Ryan Hansen is playing a version of himself; the crimes aren’t real, because it’s a TV show; the show’s LAPD does the heavy lifting when it comes to solving, and the series is actually on YouTube.

Did you know that you could pay for YouTube? No, the real YouTube. YouTube Red produces original content, and is not affiliated with the similarly named adult websites. Ryan Hansen knows calling the channel YouTube Red was an odd choice, too.

Ryan Hansen Solves Crimes on TV promises actors lampooning themselves — think “Character Actress Margot Martindale” from BoJack Horseman, but everyone is that character — and also, shootouts.

Plus, Samira Wiley plays a veteran police officer, who’s been begrudgingly assigned to work with him. Still not explained: Why Hansen is rocking a Revolutionary War officer costume while interrogating a suspect, and how Donald Faison has such a spectacular entrance. No, this series is not a fever dream. If you miss the meta gags of 30 Rock, the silliness of Police Squad!, celebrities parodying themselves on essentially any HBO series since The Larry Sanders Show, and you love to look at Ryan Hansen, it’s undeniably the show for you.

Oh, and for fans of Veronica Mars: Kristen Bell is on it too.

Yes! Still not making this up.

So, while you probably didn’t wake up thinking, “I need to buy a subscription to YouTube Red today,” it’s okay to spend the afternoon reconsidering that. Watching Ryan Hansen solve murders, albeit fake ones, is kind of the dream.

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