Ryan Gosling couldn’t keep a straight face during SNL, only made us love him more

We are still LOL’ing from Ryan Gosling’s Saturday Night Live appearance last night. If you missed it, our charming and cute 35-year-old crush killed it in his skits… by laughing in the middle of them. It was the actor’s first time hosting SNL, and we all know that it’s quite a different tone than the tear-inducing The Notebook. Fellow Canadian star Mike Myers, 52, of SNL fame even joined Gosling for his monologue. (And they later sang a Christmas song together. Aww.) For some sketches, Gosling sang and danced, too. (But, let’s get real—what can’t he do?!)

In case you haven’t watched the episode yet—but, really, what are you waiting for?!—we broke down the episode sketches for you. But you have to watch them for yourself to get the full-on laugh-out-loud experience.

“‘Canadian Christmas’ Carol With Mike Meyers”


This one’s pretty self-explanatory and a must-see.

“Birthday Party”

Gosling plays the dad of a teenage girl. When one of her friends hits on him, annnnd sucks on his finger, he can’t keep it together.

“Close Encounters”

Gosling and fellow skit cast members are interviewed about their alien abductions. Once Gosling erupts in laughter, many others do, too.

“Santa Elves”

Just when we thought Gosling couldn’t be any cuter, he does: Just throw him into an elf costume.

“Weekend Update”

Gosling plays third-hand (versus second-hand) news correspondent Angelo Skaggs. This is a must-watch for Gosling’s mullet-esque hairstyle alone. (Though, if anyone can pull that off and still be a ladies’ man, it’s Gosling.)

The Wiz

Gosling shows off his dancing chops by playing The Scarecrow in this parody of NBC’s live show The Wiz.

“Hometown Bar”

Once again, Gosling dances in this sketch (more, please). While he is being interviewed at a bar, a bully from childhood comes back into his life.

“Santa Baby”

Gosling and his date (Vanessa Baker) believe in Santa and insist on meeting him at a holiday party. Hysterical!

To promote the episode, Gosling did a fun-ny promo video with Aidy Bryant. If you missed that, too, check it out here.

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