Ryan Gosling shared his thoughts on your OTHER Canadian Internet BF, Justin Trudeau

For as long as we can remember, Ryan Gosling has been our favorite Canadian. But apparently he’s caught on to the Internet’s obsession with another handsome male from the north!

That’s right, Gosling knows we’re into Justin Trudeau, AKA the Canadian Prime Minister.

In an interview with GQ, he claimed that Americans have a fascination with people who are “different, but the same,” hence them loving the “Canadianness” of himself and Trudeau. And actually, the fact that Gosling humbly attributes our intense love of him to his Canadianness (you know, instead of his acting talent, ridiculous good looks, charisma, or charm) makes us love him even more!

"Well, it's the only thing that makes any goddamn sense. I mean, look at Trudeau. He's doing a lot of things, but things that are kind of natural parts of being Canadian. I don't think Canada is as shocked by what Trudeau is doing as the rest of the world is."

Gosling went on to say,

"I think it's part of…um…America just finally realizing that there's a place called Canada. That it's nearby."


But we don’t love Justin Trudeau more than you, Ryan! Although he is clearly pretty cool, since he’s always vocal about his support for gender equality and he’s even appeared in his own Gosling-style “Hey, girl!” meme:

At the end of the day, the world has room for loads of inspiring people and there are actually plenty of awesome Canadians for us to obsess over…like, say, Justin Bieber, Ryan Reynolds, Seth Rogen and Ellen Page (to name just a few)! But let’s be real…Ryan Gosling will always be our everything.

H/T: Vulture