Ryan Gosling saves a dog’s life, melts our hearts

Ryan Gosling is perfect. Like, distractingly perfect. So *naturally,* he had to step it up a notch just to keep us all on our toes: He saved the life of a cute, fluffy dog. Yes, we’re serious.

Entertainment Tonight reports that earlier this month, Ryan Gosling and Eva Mendes celebrated her 42nd birthday by grabbing takeout from Rick’s Desert Grill in Palm Springs, California. However, while they were driving to the restaurant, they almost hit a dog in the road with their car.

Instead of swerving out of the way and continuing on with the birthday festivities, Ryan stopped the car and jogged over to the runaway pup, picked him up, and ran him over to his owner nearby to make sure he was out of danger.

Nearby witnesses snapped pictures of the doggie rescue, but it’s clear that Ryan wasn’t doing this for publicity, as he went right back to his love to in the car.

Sure, it’s all in a day’s work for Ryan, but we’ve got total heart-eyes going on over here.

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