That time Ryan Gosling set the stage for the sweetest proposal ever

Ryan Gosling inspires a lot of things: memes, rain-kissing, and as of this weekend, proposals.

On Saturday night, after a screening of Gosling’s directorial debut Lost River at theSouth By Southwest Film Festival, the crowd prepared for a solid Q&A session with the newly minted actor-turned-director.They didn’t expect to also witness an amazing marriage proposal. According to Uproxx, Heather MacKay stepped up to the mike and told a story about her girlfriend who moved to be with her after months of being apart, and said “I want to spend the rest of my life with you.” The audience broke out into applause as the couple hugged. “Well let’s go out on that note, shall we?” joked Gosling from the stage, adding, “Congratulations!”

Filmmaker Paul Allen Hunton was in the audience and captured the proposal on video, before tweeting it out to the world. Then, SXSW “honcho” Janet Pierson shared a picture of the blissed-out couple in the theater after the screening.

While skeptics are wondering if this was maaaaaaybe one brilliant marketing stunt to promote Gosling’s movie or the film festival, we’re hoping (and believing) it was nothing but an inspired moment between two people who love each other. And Ryan Gosling, of course. Check out the footage and see for yourself.

(Images via Twitter, MTV/Getty)