Hey girl, here’s your chance to see Ryan Gosling play Jack from ‘Titanic’ for a hot second

Let’s get this out-of-the-way first: Leonardo DiCaprio is the one and only Jack Dawson, there will never ever be another, not even in string theory alternate universes. He is the King of the World across space and time. That said, is there a Titanic diehard among us who hasn’t wondered what it would look like if the dreamiest role of all time, Jack Dawson, were played by the man who gave us the OTHER dreamiest role of all time, Noah Calhoun? Could our hearts even handle Ryan Gosling informing us that if we jumped, he would jump?

SNL decided to give us all a case of the fangirl freak outs today when they released a video showing what it would look like if Gosling (this weekend’s host) gave us all the scene of our dreams.

In the promo for this weekend’s show, Gosling and Aidy Bryant flirt and when these two flirt, they flirt weird, you guys. Aidy writes a cue card that suggests that she and Gosling “passionately kiss,” in another clip they decide to go “wail on their pecs” (AKA bench press) together, in yet another scene Bryant uses the cheesiest of pick-up lines on Gosling, and then, finally, finally, FINALLY the two re-enact Titanic.

“Remember the scene from Titanic?” Gosling asks Bryant, and then proceeds to spit over the side of the railing.

“Yeah, and then remember the other scene where—-?” Andy begins to ask, clearly about get into “I’m flying” position, with the railing the perfect double for “The Ship of Dreams.”

And then— SCREECH — Gosling realizes he just spit on a baby and has to go handle the situation.

We sincerely hope Gosling and Bryant are hinting at a full-blown Titanic parody sketch in this Saturday’s show, because if that happens, we will NOT be mad.

Check out the magic and glory below:

(Image via New Line Cinema)

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