Ryan Gosling finally shared his thoughts on the Best Picture mix-up

By this point, every one and their mom (and their dad, and their dog, and their great-aunt twice removed) has heard about the infamous mix-up that took place at this year’s Oscars. And now, Ryan Gosling shared his thoughts on the Best Picture flub.

In case you somehow missed it (because maybe you live under a rock, and the rock’s wifi has been down), this was the year that it was mistakenly announced that La La Land landed the Oscar for Best Picture, when in reality, Moonlight had actually won.

A lot happened on stage during the ensuing confusing moments (thankfully, the much-deserving Moonlight crew was able to take the stage and have their rightful moment in the spotlight). But one of the most viral-worthy details was Ryan Gosling’s completely bemused reaction. While everyone else looked stunned, he looked like he was simply trying not to laugh.

And now, the actor has spoken up about his thoughts on the whole debacle (we’d already heard from Moonlight director Barry Jenkins, Emma Stone, and several others involved).

In an interview with The Associated Press on Tuesday, March 21st, Gosling simply said, "What can you say? I was very happy for Moonlight at the same time. It’s such a wonderful film. It’s great to see such great work acknowledged."

Well said, sir. Well said.

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We’re also glad that Moonlight received the recognition it deserves. It was an achingly beautiful coming-of-age story with an absolutely stellar cast.

And Ryan, please never, ever stop being you. Because you’re a not-so-small part of the reason we get up in the morning.

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