Ryan Gosling singing to Emma Stone in this new “La La Land” trailer is the most adorable thing you’ll see all day

It is our personal belief that Ryan Gosling can do no wrong (and here are seven reasons why if you ever needed anymore convincing), but we know there are some naysayers out there. Sure, he helps people and adorably flubs his lines on SNL, but what else can he do, you say?

Well, so happy you asked. Ryan has returned opposite Emma Stone for a third (yes, THIRD!) time for the musical La La Land, a romantic look about two creatives trying to make it big in Tinsel Town.

In the new trailer, Ryan plays Sebastian, a 5 o’clock-shadowy, absolutely adorable jazz musician who not only sings to his aspiring-actress girlfriend, Mia (Emma Stone), but dances with her, sweeps her off her feet, the whole nine yards (and, in possibly the first time in recorded history, he made whistling within the confines of a song almost sexy).

Though you’ll have to wait until August 31, when it premieres at the Venice Film Festival, or on December 2, when it hits theaters, to see the full movie, the ultra-romantic song, “City of Stars,” is available for download now.

Watch the trailer now and prepared to get swept up in all of his glory.