Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone are here for your “La La Land” jazz jokes, and they made the best one yet on “SNL”

Saturday Night Live premiered last night with host Ryan Gosling and musical guest Jay Z. While doing his monologue, Ryan finally addressed the fact that he and Emma Stone saved jazz. Now, in case you have forgotten, everyone was obsessed with La La Land for a while. One kid even asked Emma Stone to prom by doing a parody of “Another Day of Sun”!

From beautiful costumes to amazing freeway choreography, we might still be obsessed with this love story to Los Angeles. So is it a surprise that Gosling made fun of the movie that earned him an Oscar nomination? After all, Emma (who came to join him during the monologue) won for the movie.

But the most important thing we learned is that Ryan Gosling saved jazz.

After the movie came out, the joke online was that Gosling singlehandedly saved jazz. So most of the monologue is about how everyone was so shocked that Gosling saved jazz. When Kenan Thompson points out that it was a joke, Gosling fights him on it.


But honestly, the best part is when Emma Stone revealed that Ryan Gosling didn’t save jazz. They saved jazz. Oh, and there is also a really attractive shot of Ryan at a piano, so what’s not to love?

It was just the beginning of Gosling giggling through sketches and trying to keep it together throughout the show. But it wouldn’t be a Ryan Gosling episode of Saturday Night Live without all that.

The entire episode had some of the best moments when you’d least expect it. Most of them because Ryan Gosling broke during the sketch. Which happened even in the opening monologue. So did he save jazz? Probably not, but Ryan did save us from a boring night with a pretty great Saturday Night Live.

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