Ryan Gosling was worried Ellen was mad at him and they literally had to hug it out

All friends have the occasional misunderstanding, and our forever-crush Ryan Gosling just gave us a textbook example of how to bring up your worries with your pals. Even if those pals are Ellen.

Poor Ryan Gosling. He thought Ellen was mad at him, and you can tell it was really bothering him. In his softest, gentlest voice, he asks Ellen,

“Are you mad at me?”

She seems a little taken aback and answers, “Why?”

And his response is just so relatable:

“Because the last time I came out, you leapt into my arms. And this time I just got a tiny…” little gesture.

We think he means “hug,” but was so nervous he couldn’t find the word.

“Did I really leap into your arms?” Ellen asks, and the photo of her legs wrapped around his torso appears on the wall behind him.


So, Gosling then stands, and picks Ellen up, cradle style, as he’s now used to doing with his own two babies.

Umm, a little photoshop work, and we could see ourselves there, where we belong.

But we won’t because we don’t want our hearts to yearn anymore than they already are.

Then Gosling tells her it’s in his contract: she has to leap into his arms every time she sees him. She says she’ll get a running start next time.

Watch the whole beautiful friendship-affirming moment here:


How do we get in on that contract?!

We’re getting our running start now.