Ryan Gosling used to be something of a cellophane salesman and TBH, we’d buy anything from him

Everyone’s imaginary boyfriend/celebrity crush, aka Ryan Gosling, is doing the rounds for the new Blade Runner. During the week, he stopped by The Graham Norton Show with Harrison Ford, and a wonderful exchange unfolded. Graham asked him about his entrepreneurial past, and Gosling reluctantly revealed that his parents had him running a cellophane-selling scheme. Wait, what? Who knew that among Ryan Gosling’s many talents were those of a salesman? The best part is when Harrison Ford turns to Ryan and asks “What are the uses of cellophane?” and Ryan is at a loss for how to answer. But wait, we’re spoiling it. Take a moment and watch for yourself.


The talk turned to the methods Ryan would use as a budding salesman. Apparently, he took it to school to try and pawn off on his teachers, and even his fellow students.

We’re not so sure how legal this cellophane scam was… and, TBH, neither was Ryan Gosling.

"My parents came upon a truck of cellophane somehow. I was asked not to ask too many questions - I didn't. Just suddenly there was a basement filled with cellophane."

This is when Harrison Ford turns to him and asks, “How did it go?” Which is about when the audience loses it in laughter and about when you probably will, too. This story is followed by Harrison being in the hot seat with a question about his dad and carpentry. You’ll need to watch for the full effect, but it, too, is hilarious. It somehow ends up involving the cellophane sales that Ryan Gosling partook in as a child.

Listen, Ryan, you’ve got a successful acting career and you’re about to be in an action franchise renewal.

You probably don’t need a backup career. But if you feel like a change of pace, we’re positive you could now make a decent living off of salesmanship. There are many who would purchase cellophane, battery chargers, and probably even toasters from you. We all would.

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