Ryan Gosling is still haunted by the “Avatar” font on “Saturday Night Live” and, like, same

Last night, Ryan Gosling hosted the season premiere of Saturday Night Live. In a fake movie trailer, Gosling plays a man who just can’t stop thinking about why the designer for Avatar chose the Papyrus font for its logo — especially since the movie franchise has cost so much money to make. And honestly, as people who were also extremely unnerved by the use of Papyrus in Avatar, this scene completely resonated with us. Considering the dates for not one, but four Avatar sequels have been announced, the timing is pretty spot on, too. Not only has Gosling’s character been haunted by this for years. He’s also about to endure several more years of it at least.

"He just highlighted 'Avatar,' he clicked the drop-down menu, and he just randomly selected Papyrus," he opines in the sketch. "Like a, like a thoughtless child just wandering by a garden, just yanking leaves along the way."

Ryan Gosling totally sells this scene. TBH, we’d watch a full movie of this.


If you’re a graphic designer, you definitely understand Gosling’s pain. Papyrus, after all, is used for “hookah bars, Shakira merchandise, and off-brand teas.” We’re not the only ones who are seriously on board with this sketch, though. The internet is in love with SNL‘s typography humor. Many people took to Twitter to thank Gosling and Saturday Night Live for tackling Avatar’s horrible design.

The icing on the hilarious cake? The sketch ended with “Papyrus” written in Comic Sans. And if you know anything about the internet and graphic design, you know everyone hates Comic Sans more than anything else. This sketch has already become a fan favorite, and it’s easy to see why. It was definitely a highlight of the season’s opener and probably of the season. We wish this movie was real, because we’d totally see it.

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