We can’t get over baby Ryan Gosling in this episode of “Goosebumps”

Ryan Gosling, our collective boyfriend and object of our forever desire, has been in a lot of movies. He played a sexy detective in Gangster Squad. A scruffy romantic who knew how to build houses named Noah in The Notebook. Hercules in Young Hercules which only aired from 1998 to 1999. And…a boy named Greg Banks in an episode of Goosebumps because life is weird.


Yup. The love of your freaking life stars in an episode called “Say Cheese and Die!” which is based on the Goosebumps book with the same title, and aired on Nickelodeon in 1996. When Ryan was just sixteen years old!

In the episode, bebe Ryan checks out an old, creepy house that used to belong to a man named “Spidey” (because he’s a human man who looks like a spider). In the house, Ryan finds a camera, which takes super freaky photos that show terrible events that may or may not actually happen. For instance, he takes a picture of his parents at a barbecue, only to see them as SKELETONS in the developed photo.


Ryan’s friend Shari then goes missing after she tells him she doesn’t ~believe~ in the camera’s evil sorcery (big mistake, Shari). But even though the camera almost ruins his life, Ryan still looks totally suave and babetastic. Like, not even a murderous, haunted camera can get in the way of those qualities.


You can watch the whole episode here: