Looks like after famously covering Taylor Swift’s “1989,” Ryan Adams will be sticking to his own music

Here’s a bit of a personal confession. When I was in college, I had a radio show, and managed to squeeze a Ryan Adams song on my playlist pretty much every week. No matter what, I never got tired of Ryan — his sometimes folky, always rock-related vocals always got to me, and he was the perfect soundtrack to my super early 20’s.

When Ryan Adams decided to cover Taylor Swift’s album 1989, it was pure joy. Already proving himself time and time again as a talented musician, he was able to put a brand new spin on already fantastic songs. Even Taylor Swift was cool with it.


Unfortunately, if you loved the way Adams covered Swift’s songs, you won’t be able to hear his take on songs by other musicians.

On Twitter, Adams announced he was done with covers — even his once-discussed cover album of “Is This It” by The Strokes, which supposedly got thrown out by accident.

It’s a shame that such a negative response followed “1989” —  it was obviously made with so much love and respect.

If you have yet to hear it, here’s his cover of “Welcome To New York”that he performed on Jimmy Kimmel Live to give you a taste of what his own version of 1989 sounds like.


So, is it a bummer that Ryan Adams is choosing to no longer partake in cover songs? Most definitely. But as long as we still get new music (any music, really) from Ryan Adams, we should consider ourselves to be pretty darn lucky.

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