AHEM. We’ve got the first snippets of Ryan Adams’ T-Swift covers

Wow. This came sooner than expected!

Last week, indie rocker Ryan Adams announced that he’d be covering Taylor Swift’s 1989 album from beginning to end. The cherry on top of all this good news? Ryan said that he’d be singing the album in the style of The Smiths. He backed up his statement with a teaser of the “saddest version of ‘Welcome to New York’ ever – or your tears back” on Twitter.

For the record, he wasn’t lying (and Ryan, you can have our tears any day).

Now, after just days of working in the studio, Ryan has released a few delicious snippets of his 1989 reworks.

Hold onto your seats, folks. These beloved pop ballads are about to get deeper and more reflective than you could’ve ever imagined.

First up? This ultra solemn, indie rock-ified version of “Bad Blood”.

Here’s another clip of “Bad Blood”…just for good measure.

Second up? A dark rendition of “Shake It Off,” fit for True Detective (Season 3).

He also shared a short clip of “All You Had To Do Was Stay”. We’re definitely catching a Smiths vibe on this one!

Is it just us, or does anyone else feel like they’re hearing some of these lyrics for the first time? Talk about a fresh set of ears! This indie rock perspective on the album is simply perfect!

Although there’s been no mention of a release date for the cover album, we’ll be stalking Ryan Adams on Instagram and Twitter for possible clues.


Ryan Adams announces brilliant new T-swift cover album

(Image via Instagram)