Ryan Adams is releasing action figures along with his new music, and we think it’s genius

February 17th is a big day for Ryan Adams fans — that’s the day when the rocker is finally going to release his new album, Prisoner. But those who follow Adams aren’t just in for tunes — they’re in for toys, as well. Ryan Adams announced that he’s releasing action figures along with the box set of his release, and we can’t help but think that this is a totally genius move.

Now, it should be said that the figures Adam is releasing aren’t your typical plastic figurines — in fact, in the words of Spin, they’re more like “weird, two-dimensional cutout thingees.” (Really, it’s probably the best way to describe them.) Those of you who used to play with paper dolls might especially enjoy them.


A cut-out figurine of Ryan Adams is included, of course. You’ll also be able to get cut-outs of his band. Since Adams is a fan of felines, he also included one of his cat. And since the world is a random and wonderful place, a tiger and a pedal board are also included.


We’re already thinking of creative scenarios to use these. Perhaps Adams just really wanted us to tap into our sense of imagination.

The box set, where you can find these figurines, is called Prisoner: End of the World Edition. While it’s on the pricey side, at $150, you definitely get a lot for what you’re paying for.

For example, Adams will be including B-sides and outtakes that you can’t find on the standard album.


Also? Vinyl. Don’t forget about those Voice-O-Graph machine singles that Ryan Adams recently recorded in anticipation of this release. If you’ve got a record player that’s not collecting dust, it might be your best bet. (And plus, it’s just really, really cool.)


You can order the box set tomorrow. For those of us who are just waiting to hear the ten brand new songs that Ryan Adams has yet to release (as he’s already leaked two of the 12) we’ll be buying Prisoner the day it debuts.