Ryan Adams is recording his new songs in a pretty unusual way

We love it when musicians decide to get a little more creative. And, there’s nobody more creative than Ryan Adams, who is working on songs for Prisoner, his soon-to-be-released new album.

Adams has been teasing new music for quite some time, so it’s good to know that it’ll be happening soon. In fact, we should be hearing the LP on February 17th of next year. But for now, he’s polishing up some fun goodies that fans can find with their purchase.

Instead of utilizing a standard studio, Adams has been using something a little different for his additional material — a tiny studio that looks a bit more like a telephone booth (remember them?) otherwise known as a Voice-O-Graph.

Not only do Voice-O-Graphs give a great sound, but they’re pretty adorable. Here’s a video of Adams actively recording:


As it turns out, a finished piece of vinyl emerges right after a musician is done — usually, Voice-O-Graphs allow for two to three minutes of audio. How cool is that?


Now, while Adams obviously didn’t record all of Prisoner in the booths (since that would take forever, and consist of many vinyls) he is creating special add-ons that fans might be able to find in their specially ordered boxed sets. Per Adams, each recording costs 50 cents to make, plus time — but as he says, finding one is bound to be priceless.


Can you even imagine? It’s the perfect surprise for a music lover.


We love that Adams is making his new music seem more like an event.


Beyond the boxed set add-ons, which fans can sign up to receive at the end of this month, Barnes & Noble will also be stocking a very special edition of the album with a completely new cover.


Surely one day it’ll be a collector’s item.

If you have yet to hear his first single, “Do You Still Love Me,” here’s the audio of the song in its entirety that he released at the start of this month:


As he admitted that he was going through a divorce at the time of writing these songs (to This Is Us star Mandy Moore) we know they’ll all be equally powerful.

We’re so excited about everything Ryan Adams is doing, and can’t wait to hear his full album!

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