“Queen Sugar” star Rutina Wesley proves she’s red carpet royalty in these stunning looks

As if we didn’t get enough of her gorgeous self and gut-punching one-liners in the two-day Queen Sugar season premiere, Rutina Wesley decided to stun us all with her most recent red carpet looks.

The actress looked amazing in her royal blue romper, and simple up-do at the AOL Build taping last week.


Might we add that her arms are totally ripped?! More sleeveless numbers for Rutina, please! But, that wasn’t just a fluke. The former True Blood star has been slaying the red carpet with her most recent looks as well.

Check out her classic, nude ensemble she sported at SiriusXM earlier this month, below.

And she’s not afraid of rocking a plunging neckline, either. Rutina looked fabulous in her ~tuxedo with a twist~ at OWN’s private New York screening for Queen Sugar.

Here’s Rutina in ANOTHER gorgeous romper, this time in a stunning silver, which we can only dream of pulling off half as well.

Yeah…we think it’s safe to add Rutina to our best dressed list!

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