Ruth Negga’s dress is as delicate as butterfly wings and so gorgeously feminine

Generally speaking, it takes a lot to cause people’s jaws to drop when it comes to fashion. And all things considered, Ruth Negga’s dress is just the ticket. It is both gorgeously feminine, and yet, a little gothic. Basically, we have our shopping list inspiration at hand and we have Ruth to thank for it.

The dress made it’s debut at the British Academy of Film and Television Arts (BAFTA) Los Angeles Tea Party in Beverly Hills. In essence, the most perfect place to show off an incredible dress and turn heads. Ruth Negga was not the only one who came ready to impress. Many Hollywood A-listers were present and lucky for us, the pictures are amazing.

So let’s take a look at that dress.


Those colors! That texture!

Let’s see another angle.


Look at her glowing makeup and that pretty headband.


And that clutch!


And those shoes!


Besides Ruth Negga stunning us with her fashion sense, her recent starring role in the movie Loving is sure to get the Academy’s attention. The film stars her and Joel Edgerton as an interracial couple living in the South during segregation. The film lets the audience experience the injustice of the time — interracial marriage was illegal in some states until the Loving family brought it to the Supreme Court. Hopefully, people go out and see the movie!

Of course, Ruth and Joel posed together at the BAFTA Tea Party.


Other attendees of the BAFTA Tea Party included Emma Stone. Her film La La Land is getting major Oscar buzz as well. It seems like celebrities were pulling out all the stops on the red carpet.

In the final analysis, Ruth Negga’s dress was a major hit. The embroidered flowers looked metallic due to the camera flash. Clearly, the dress is high fashion and something we can all dream about. And if you are not into super girly designs, the coloring falls right into that sweet spot of wicked and cute.


We’re excited to see what Ruth wears on the red carpet next!