Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s workout book is here, and it’s just as hardcore as you think it is

There are many things to respect Ruth Bader Ginsburg for, but her fitness routine isn’t necessarily the first thing that comes to mind. But this is 2017, and everything is possible, which is why Ruth Bader Ginsburg is coming out with a workout book. Yes, the great RBG has been doing the same workout routine for years and swears by it. Just looking at her as an 85-year-old woman who’s still got it, it might be worthwhile to give it a shot. The book is called The RBG Workout: How She Stays Strong, written by Bryant Johnson, RBG’s trainer and illustrated by Patrick Welsh. You can pre-order it now on Amazon, months before it actually comes out in October. 

She didn’t have anything to do with the book, aside from allowing her long-time trainer to dish about the workout and letting Walsh use her likeness, in full black robe and purple leggings and sneaks, throughout the whole thing. But she is serious about this workout. In fact, when asked recently about who the most important person in her life was she answered simply, “my personal trainer.” Dayum.

Johnson is 52 years old and only moonlights as a trainer (he helps run the courthouse and is also a Sergeant First Class in the Army Reserves). Apparently, he’s a well knowing guy in D.C. and has also trained Stephen Breyer and Elena Kagan, along with other appeals courts judges.

The RBG workout is no joke.


The workout is mainly a lot of strength training, starting on a machine bench press. Ginsburg usually puts 70 pounds on that thing. And then does three reps of ten of leg curls, presses, chest flies, lat pull downs, and other muscle toning exercises. It’s hard. When a Politico reporter called Bryant to do the same workout as RBG for a story, the justice apparently told her trainer, “I hope he makes it through,” which was either a worry for the guy’s health or a veiled request to her trainer to make it as hard as humanly possible. Let’s assume it was a little bit of both.

If you want to get hardcore about your muscle training and love RBG, this might be the best book ever. Just make sure you stretch before you start.