This New Manicure Technique Will Make Your Nails Stronger and Shinier

Here's why everyone's obsessed with the Russian manicure.

There are so many nail shapes, sizes, and lengths, but when it comes to the ultimate manicure treatment, Europeans take the gold medal. This rings especially true when you consider the Russian manicure. Unlike other types of manicures, this one stands out for its attention to the nail cuticle, and people claim it makes their nails stronger and way shinier than before. The Russian manicure is very popular in Europe and is slowly making a name for itself in America—so here’s what you have to know before scheduling your next nail appointment.

What’s a Russian manicure?

The Russian manicure consists of using an electronic filer (like the one typically used for acrylics) to remove the extra cuticle under the nail bed with a tiny e-file headpiece. “This nail tool removes the excess skin surrounding the nail bed, just as nippers do,” explains nail artist Natallia Kaurav. With this technique, each nail gets a cuticle massage and gets perfectly trimmed. Think of it as a cuticle exfoliation and treatment. “Once you try this manicure, you’ll feel totally different and softer skin on the edges,” assures Ina Nedreaga, Florida-based manicurist and owner of Beauty Room Miami.

What are the benefits of getting a Russian manicure?

While there is a dubious belief that cutting your cuticles damages the nail bed, in reality, Russian manicures and pedicures can make your nails shinier and improve nail growth. “They look clean and glowy for a long period,” says Kaurav.

Are Russian manicures safe?

When done correctly, it is totally safe, but as with all treatments, it’s important to find a licensed expert who has experience before booking your appointment. Russian manicures can actually be safer than other cuticle-trimming techniques, as cutting cuticles with a nipper can lead to uneven results and cause irritation if cuts are too deep. The e-filer used in Russian manicures prevents inflammation and unnecessary cuts from a nipper.

russian manicure

How much does it cost to get a Russian manicure?

The cost will depend on your location and the nail salon, but in Nedreaga’s Miami salon, a Russian manicure can cost around $70, depending on whether you get solid nail polish or add nail art designs. In Europe, Russian manicures cost less than in the U.S., going between $20 and $40.

How long does a Russian manicure last?

What makes this high-end manicure worth every penny is the longevity of it. A Russian manicure can last from three to four weeks, depending on how fast the nails grow. The polish will start to grow out, which is typically when people go to get their gel polish removed and replaced.

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