Meet Masha the hero cat, who just saved a baby’s life (for serious)

How about this for a headline: “hero cat saves baby from freezing to death in Russian street.” Yup, you read that right and yup, there is a cat in Russia, named Masha, who totally just saved a baby’s life. We knew cats had nine lives, but Masha is seriously paying it forward. Also, so much cat-lover pride right now.

Here’s what happened: Masha lives in Russia as a “communal cat” who is looked after by all the residents of her neighborhood. The sad part (extremely sad part) of this story is that Masha discovered an abandoned baby boy in a box on the street. Which is horrible and 100% heartbreaking. But Masha jumped into action and “climbed into the box he was discarded in and kept him warm” according to health officials speaking to the Central European News. Not only that, but then Masha started meowing to alert others in the area what was up and that she needed a little bit more help to fully save the day.

“She is very placid and friendly, so when I heard her meowing, I thought that perhaps she had injured herself,” neighbor Irina Lavrova told Central European News. It’s a good thing that Masha began meowing, because she got the necessary attention and the baby was immediately rushed to the hospital. After a full check-up it was determined that the baby was totally fine, thanks to Masha.

Looks like Masha’s mama-cat instincts kicked in just when they were needed most. Also, this whole thing kind of reminds us of that other hero cat who saved a little boy from a pitbull. Cats, are seriously amazing.

Extreme kudos to Masha for this crazy act of cat heroism. And don’t worry she is being very well looked after by her neighbors and friends who have taken to “[spoiling] her rotten.” A very well deserved reward for a hero.

Image via here.