This hairstylist uses an axe (yes, an axe), to cut hair, and the video is horrifying

Today in unusual haircut news: There’s a Russian hairstylist who uses an actual axe to cut hair.

The Huffington Post recently shared a video of a Siberian hairstylist, Daniil Istomin (named @istomin_daniil_ on Instagram), who employs an innovative technique to literally chop off his clients’ locks.

In other words, he’s bringing a whole new meaning to the phrase “Russian hacker.” We’ve heard of razor cutting, but this is way more Bill the Butcher than Sweeney Todd. It’s a very intense process, and quite physical. Daniil’s got some, uh, chopping muscles. Are we looking at an alternative Olympic event? In any case, he brings the drama, and there’s a bit of a Salt Bae flair to his actions.

Brave victims clients lay their trusting heads on a literal chopping block, and we can’t imagine what they’re thinking. (Visions of Anne Boleyn are running through our heads.) It’s definitely sensational, and Daniil has appeared on many a Russian television shows showing off his skills. In one clip, models are dressed in white shroud/mummy-wrapping sheets and have fake blood on their faces. Spooky.

Videos of Daniil have been making the rounds on the internet since last year, but Huffington Post’s video is bringing it renewed attention. The finished product doesn’t appear to be a total “hatchet job,” but it’s definitely not for those who prefer more of a precision cut.

A video of Daniil doing his thing on TV:

The black leather apron is a nice touch.

A terrifying setup indeed.

We wouldn’t trust him with a pixie cut, but hey, if you’re looking for a little excitement in your life, this is one way to get it.

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