This Russian dog groomer’s soothing haircut videos are going viral

We could all use a little soothing right now, and this professional pet groomer knows just the trick. Russian “pet stylist” Mehmet Gunes not only knows how to make any dog look glam, but also how to fully entrance us with his Instagram. We never knew how badly we needed to watch dogs being groomed to the backdrop of epic classical music, but, boy, did we need it.

Gunes was trained in Moscow and has groomed dogs and cats around the globe, People reported. The videos are so sweet that it’s no wonder he has nearly 180,000 followers. Not only are the animals adorable, but watching Gunes in action is oddly fascinating. He’s so tactful in his ability to keep his fluffy clients calm that we think he must be a dog whisperer.

If only he were in the states to groom our own furry friends!

Here are some of our favorites:

OMG – look at that smile. We can’t get enough of Marshmallow.

This dog has better hair than we do. Just check out that flow!

Look at how chic this lil’ guy looks.

There’s nothing like a good tail fluff.

For the cat lovers out there, he even has a few feline posts.

Karamel looks a bit happier than the other kitty.

Three’s company.

This is how we feel after a haircut, too. Also, where can we get that sweater?

Just getting a quick blowout, NBD.

Seriously, can he please style our hair?