There’s a new body-positive fashion site coming our way

We’re always on the lookout for a badass new fashion site (How else are we going to spend our procrastination time?) and we think we’ve found a bonafide winner with the upcoming Runway Riot.

As the Mary Sue reports, the site Styleite will rebrand itself as Runway Riot, which Styleite Editor Ashley Hoffman describes as “…a beautiful, sexy style and fashion site for an underrepresented and often underappreciated majority of women in America​ who wear larger sizes​.”

Runway Riot will have the coolest of managing editors, big-time model Iskra Lawrence who has been the face of American Apparel and Aerie, and is the force behind the National Eating Disorder Association’s Seal of Approval for unretouched images.

Lawrence is determined to do great things with the Runway Riot platform.

“I was trying to change who I was, and then I totally accepted who I was, and knew that I wanted to change the industry instead of me,” she told Styleite. “I want to leave a lasting legacy that makes all the designers step up. Why aren’t they dressing us women? They’re making us feel like we’re lesser than the women who are slim because that’s meant to be beautiful. We can use this platform to educate young girls so they’re not worried about their insecurities.”

When it comes to body-positivity, Lawrence has the awesomest of battle cries.

“Let’s demand that we get those gorgeous sleek sexy editorials with all these women of all shapes and sizes.”

Though Runway Riot will cater to a crowd the fashion world has oft-referred to as “plus-sized,” the site outright rejects this term.

“…don’t expect to see the phrase “plus-size” on our site,” Hoffman tells readers. “After all, do we call sizes 0 to 6 under-size? Most of the women who fit into our clothes are the norm, ​not the exception, and we intend to help change that perception.”

So what CAN we expect to see on the site?

“Iskra and the other Runway Riot editors will hand-pick the clothes and beauty goods from any of our hundred​s of​ partners,” Hoffman explained in her statement. “We’ll be serving up all the current obsessions we’re lusting after: the sexiest products and ​hope to ​reflect how you, our audience, actually want to dress. We’re excited to kick it with you and try some gorgeous things on.

Runway Riot will ​also ​bring you hard hitting commentary on the fashion industry, originally reported features, investigative stories, and irreverent quick takes. We’ll regularly cough up personal essays from a range of female writers and just cover topics​ we love like b​ody activists who demand designers get with the program, ​amazing beauty products that work for women of every size, ​and designers who nail t​h​e​ market. We’ll also go hard on​ things​ we don’t love as much​: discriminatory pricing, ​relegating larger clothes to the storage section of department stores (check out the video on that below), ​models talking about stylists who still think women should squeeze into smaller sizes, and anyone who decides to exclude more than half the population of American women from the body party.”

We’re exciiiiiiiiiited. The site launches in mid-November. To get on the list, go sign up on the landing page here.


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