This guy proposed to his model girlfriend while she was walking the runway in a *wedding gown*

Ready for the most adorable proposal story ever? Here it is. At the Watters fashion show last week, a guy hopped onto the runway to propose to his girlfriend while she was modeling…wait for it…a wedding dress. And honestly, we can’t even deal with how adorable the runway proposal was. Unexpected proposals are cute enough, but then add in the wedding dress and it’s just too good.

Bridal Fashion Week just went down in New York City, and model Nicole Kaspar was sporting a Watters gown in the brand’s show, making her way down the runway when the surprise proposal happened. After her turn, she was sent back down the runway and told they needed more photos. BUT! There waiting for her at the end of the catwalk was her boyfriend, Chad Stapleton, ready to get down on one knee and surprise her with a ring.

The video — which has already made its way to The Knot’s Instagram page — is insanely cute, and you can hear all the sweet things Stapleton says to Kaspar before he pops the question.

“Nicole, I’ve wanted to do this for a long time, and I wanted this moment to be as special as you are to me,” he says, before launching into a speech about everything she means to him.


By the end of Stapleton’s proposal, Kaspar is nodding her head “yes” as he slips the ring onto her finger — duh, who could say no to a proposal like that? Kaspar also took to Instagram herself to share photos from the proposal, including a closeup of her ring, which is huge. Seriously, so gorgeous:

If you’re going to spend the rest of your life with someone, it seems like this is the perfect place to start — especially when you already know you look awesome in a wedding dress. Congrats to Kaspar and Stapleton!

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