The latest rumored “American Idol” judge is not who we would have expected

When it comes to selecting judges for network singing competition shows, there’s a definite ~type~ of star they usually go with. Divas, icons, stars with illustrious careers, and individuals with guidance to pass down. We’re talking J.Lo, Steven Tyler, Mariah Carey…you know the type.

That’s why we said “huh” when we heard that Charlie Puth was in the American Idol judge running for the upcoming reboot.

So far, Katy Perry is the only judge set for the show. According to The Hollywood Reporter, the other three judges are likely going to be Lionel Richie (makes sense), country singer Luke Bryan (sure), and pop singer Charlie Puth (interesting).

It’s not that Puth isn’t talented, but when we think of him, we still see him as a relative newcomer.

That being said, Puth is quickly becoming the underdog, surprise contender of the music industry. His song “See You Again” with Wiz Khalifa is currently the most watched video on YouTube. That video toppled Psy’s five-year run of most watched video with “Gangnam Style.” false

Currently, the video has 2,964,926,245 views — so surely 2,964,926,245 people can’t be wrong about Puth’s star power?

However, they need to act fast because the show is set to start auditioning contestants on August 17.

Also, we’re interested in what the three remaining judges will be paid, seeing as Perry set the bar HIGH with her $25 million dollar salary. We have no idea how TV networks work, but it seems like they just have buckets of money to throw at celebrity judges on singing competition shows, no?