There is a rumor going around about what Beyoncé named her twins

Although everyone should give celebrity parents privacy after they’ve brought new children into the world, it doesn’t usually happen. A birth confirmation will not stop the public’s fascination (and nosiness). Of course, rumors about Beyoncé and JAY-Z’s twins have existed since Bey made the announcement she was pregnant — and since the twins are born now, the latest is about the babies’ names.

According to, an alleged source close to the Carters is saying that the names of Beyoncé and JAY-Z’s twins are Shawn and Bea — after their two super famous parents.

While neither Beyoncé nor JAY-Z have confirmed the gender of the twins — or even the fact that the babies were born — a source told People on June 17th that Queen Bey did, in fact, have her babies. Beyoncé’s father, Mathew Knowles, seemingly confirmed this information when he controversially wished the twins a happy birthday, on Twitter, on June 18th.

Even before the birth announcement, President Barack Obama gave a speech for the Songwriters Hall of Fame, which JAY-Z was being inducted into, and his words about the rapper made it seem like the twins might both be girls.

But’s rumor indicates that Bey and JAY-Z just had one boy and one girl, and that their names were inspired by their parents’ own names.

The news that Beyoncé had one boy and one girl supports what US Weekly reported, and the MTO source apparently said:

"They had twins, the boy's name is Shawn after his dad, and the girl's name is Bea — after their parents." isn’t the only outlet reporting this potential “news,” since The Hollywood Gossip also wrote that they had a source saying the babies were named Sean and Bea (note the different spelling of Shawn).

Considering how groundbreaking and creative Shawn Carter and Beyoncé Knowles-Carter are, going with their own names for their babies would be a little surprising. Especially when you consider how unique of a name their big sister, Blue Ivy, has. false

Plus, we’re pretty skeptical of these sources anyway.

So until we get official word from the parents, we’re going to take the news about what Bey’s twins are named with a grain of salt. And no matter what their names do end up being, we’re all about supporting what the parents pick for their new little ones — since as much as we love to analyze what Beyoncé and JAY-Z do, it’s really no one’s place to judge their choices as parents.

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