This pic of Rumer Willis and Demi Moore #twinning wins on so many levels

Yesterday, Rumer Willis decided to show some gratitude to her mom by posting a side-by-side mother-daughter pic on Instagram. And what a pic it is. It’s AMAZING just how much they look alike. Also amazing? Their friendship. In the caption, Rumer wrote, “That moment when you realize you actually are becoming your mother #twinning #imnotmad.”

Dressed in matching blue jumpsuits and Buddy Holly glasses, their resemblance is so incredible the image has gone bonkers viral (can you say over 61,000 shares in less than 24 hours?). But there’s also an emotional factor to the photo. Sure, everyone’s relationship with their mom is different, but there is that universal 20-something moment when we stop trying to differentiate ourselves from our moms, and start appreciating all the wonderful ways they’ve made us who we are.

It’s also about the time in your life when you start realizing how much your mom has going on, both inside and out. And that any similarities you share are likely pretty awesome, even if you didn’t know it as a teenager.

26-year-old Rumer is clearly down with dressing like mom—and taking on mom’s whole vibe. (I mean, come on, who wouldn’t want to cop Demi’s style?)

Of course, Demi’s oldest daughter has her own awesomeness going on. Despite growing up under the fame microscope, she’s managed to stay grounded, tight with her two sisters and her parents. She also just killed it on Dancing with the Stars (with her dance partner Valentin Chmerkovsky). Yeah, she won the whole thing. See mom’s total OMG-my-daughter-is-amazing face below.

Obviously, proud mom Demi was there to celebrate, tweeting a family photo along with this: “Filled with love pride and awe.”

“I think that she worked hard and she earned it and I’m really out of words,” Demi told US Weekly. “I’m just so happy for her, I really am. She’s amazing.”

Awwww. Clearly, the feeling in mutual.

Image via Instagram