There are A LOT of rules at Kylie Jenner’s pop-up shop (and one of them sounds exhausting)

Everyone has been freaking out over Kylie Jenner’s Kylie Cosmetics pop-up shop in California. There has been such a demand for her lip kits, glosses, and eyeshadow palettes that people will jump through hoops of fire to get a foot in the door of this pop-up store. Okay, maybe not hoops of fire, but they will wait in line for up to 10 hours, and that sounds almost as painful.

The thing is, you’re not just waiting in line. You also have to follow a set of rules at Kylie’s pop-up shop if you have any hopes of getting your fill of Kylie’s holiday products. Racked reported on the experience, and apparently these rules are no walk in the park.

When you take your place at the back of the line, you’re given a wristband. As soon as you’ve got your wristband, you’re not allowed to leave the line until you reach the store. No exceptions. If you leave the line with your wristband, you’ll be sent straight to the back of the line once again. What you’re supposed to do you if you simply have to pee is beyond us. Oh, and you better not lose that wristband or else you’ll get sent straight to the back of the line.

You’re also only given 20 minutes to shop, and that’s it. We’re not sure what happens to you if you’re browsing for 21 minutes, but we’re guessing it has something to do with the back of the line? false

Perhaps the most brutal rule, though, was that nobody was allowed to sit while waiting in line. “You must stand at all times,” it says on the list of rules. People waited in that line for hours on end, and not one of them was able to give their tired legs a break.

There’s one more thing about Kylie’s pop-up store that might make your jaw drop. There were no price tags on anything in the store. You had to just make an educated guess or cross your fingers that the total of everything in your basket wasn’t going to max out your credit card.

But none of Kylie’s strict rules seemed to have an effect, because, phew, does she have some loyal fans.

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