This throwback school supply might be the key to perfect contouring

Unless you’re an architect or artist, you probably haven’t used a ruler in awhile. Well, this new makeup trick may have you searching through your elementary school supply box for the trusty 12-incher.

Beauty blogger Huda Kattan took to Instagram yesterday to share her latest tricks of the trade, demonstrating to her more than 13 million followers how to use a ruler to contour.

Cosmopolitan reported that her tactic includes sculpting sharper cheekbones and adding definition to her hairline and jawbone. The 12-inch ruler helps establish a definitive line, and she finishes it up with a beauty blender to soften the looks.

“Measuring your contour to make it perfectly even! I started doing this a while back because I noticed the asymmetry in my face from sleeping on one side of my face for years (for me it was def noticeable),” Huda wrote in her photo caption.

What the full instructional video below.

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