These rugs shaped like bacon and eggs are impossibly cute and we want them all

It’s hard not to shop for home decor. Whether you just rented a new place, or feel the need to refresh your old one, it’s always great to be on the lookout for brand new statement pieces and colorful home accents. And if you happen to be a fan of food (who isn’t?) these amazingly cute rugs might be just the inspiration you need.

Carly Dellger, who owns her own Etsy shop called SurfaceWurks, specializes in crocheting amazing pieces that will help every living space shine. What draws the most attention? Her rugs and accessories that resemble such fridge staples as eggs, avocados, and of course, bacon.


Dellger’s rugs retail from anywhere between $90 and $200, but they’re worth every penny. For example, the bacon rug above is made with upcycled cotton poly fabric strips and “tastiness” (and while not listed, probably a lot of love and dedication as well.)

She’s also got a sense of humor. For example, this isn’t just an egg rug. It’s an “egg rugg,” and there’s only one available at the moment.


And, while probably something you shouldn’t eat, this cactus rug shouldn’t be ignored.


Dellger isn’t just into rugs: She makes coasters as well, which will help jazz up any beverage. (And, y’know, help protect your furniture in the process.) She’s currently working on an avocado design.

These spilled drink coasters, readily available in her shop, are pretty adorable as well.


So, it looks like you should look no further than Dellger’s shop in order to give your home a bit of a makeover. She’s truly created some fascinating merchandise.

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