You won’t believe what the “Rugrats” voices look like IRL

Can you believe the iconic Nicktoon Rugrats is already turning 25 (in August)? We can’t! So, in honor of our favorite animated toddlers, here’s a look back at the animated stars and the talented voices behind them IRL.

Tommy Pickles, voiced by Elizabeth Daily.


Sometimes called E.G. Daily, Elizabeth is also a talented singer and songwriter.

Chuckie Finster, voiced by  Christine Cavanaugh and then Nancy Cartwright.


Cavanaugh, also known for voicing “Babe” the pig, voiced Chuckie until her retirement in 2001 (Cavanaugh, sadly, died in 2014.) Cartwright, most famous for voicing Bart in The Simpsons, took over for Cavanaugh in 2002.

Angelica Pickles, voiced by Cheryl Chase.


Chase got her start in voice acting when she was cast in various parts for The Ren & Stimpy show.

Phil and Lil DeVille, voiced by Kath Soucie.


Soucie also provided the voice of Phil and Lil’s mom, Betty.

Susie Carmichael, voiced by Cree Summer.


Outside of her accomplishments as a voice actor, Summer is also a recording artist.

Dil Pickles, voiced by Tara Strong.


Another talented voice actor, Strong provides the voice of the iconic Bubbles from the Powerpuff Girls.

Didi Pickles, voiced by Melanie Chartoff.


Early in her career, Chartoff was also a stand-up comedian.

Stu Pickles, voiced by Jack Riley.


Riley has also made cameos in classic cult films like Spaceballs and Boogie Nights.

Charlotte Pickles, voiced by Tress MacNeille .


MacNeille also provided the voice of Principal Skinner’s mother, Agnes, on The Simpsons.

Drew Pickles, voiced by Michael Bell.


Bell’s other voice work can be heard in Disney’s Cars and Tangled.

And finally, Grandpa Lou Pickles, voiced by Joe Alaskey.


Alaskey also famously played the voices of Bugs Bunny and Daffy Duck. (Sadly, Alaskey died earlier this year in February.)

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