Here’s what the ‘Rugrats’ would look like as parents, because why not?

Rugrats was one of those shows we didn’t really have the chance to grow up with. As we got older, the characters stayed babies, until eventually, there wasn’t much about the show we could relate to anymore. Even the spin-off, All Grown Up!, eventually stopped being relevant, and in our adult years, it’s hard to believe that we could ever identify with the characters again. Until now.

Buzzfeed shared some images that imagine what each of the prominent characters would look like not only as adults, but also as parents. Everything comes full circle as the babies we used to watch on screen now have babies of their own.

Buzzfeed also imagined the hypothetical future for these hypothetical adults. For instance, it will surprise no one that Angelica is CEO of the Cynthia doll company, or that Chuckie created an app specifically for scaredy-cats called “Scaredy Stat.” While all the youngsters have gone off to pursue lives of their own, Tommy’s parents are still around, doting over their children as if they were still babies.

Check out the rest of their futures here!

(Image via Nickelodeon)

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