The unauthorized “Hook” prequel is finally here to fill us in about Rufio’s backstory

You can probably still hear the “Rufio!” chant from the 1991 classic Hook. And now, an unauthorized prequel film called Bangarang tells the story of Rufio — the character we knew little about, but loved oh so much.

Rufio! Rufio!

In the classic 1991 film Hook starring Robin Williams and Julia Roberts, we got to see how and why Peter Pan ended up back in Neverland to once again face off with the title villain. (You probably remember that epic food fight really well. Can we please stage one?)


This new short film gives some backstory about Rufio’s life before he joined the Lost Boys. The film was funded via a Kickstarter and the original Rufio (Dante Basco) executive produced the project, and also plays a principal in it.

The magical short was co-written and directed by Jonah Feingold and features adorable call-backs, like an alligator and the shadow of Rufio on a bedroom wall. In the film, young Rufio also reads to Peter Pan before bed.


The film is about 18 minutes long, and so, so good. You can now watch the whole thing on YouTube:

How adorable! Maybe someday we’ll get another full-length return to Neverland to experience magic like that in Hook once again. We can dream.