Ruby Rose will be singing “Bitch” on “Lip Sync Battle,” and the preview looks phenomenal

The ’90s are long gone, but we’re still digging the tunes that the decade left behind. Actress Ruby Rose chose to sing “Bitch” on Lip Sync Battle, and we’re pretty sure that Meredith Brooks would be pretty darn proud of her performance. Watching the preview reminds us all of years ago, when we used to lip sync (or in some cases, poorly belt out) the anthem ourselves.

Rose is definitely making us feel nostalgic — but can she win? Her episode will be airing tomorrow. She’ll be up against Milla Jovovich, so it’ll be quite the battle.

Check out Ruby Rose’s sweet moves. (And if you’re at work, try your hardest not to sing along.)

The show, which was spun off of an original segment created by Jimmy Fallon and his team, has been a huge hit for Spike. We’re always in awe of the celebrities that decide to strut their stuff on stage. Some of them definitely go all-out as far as their performance is concerned, so it’s definitely a creative show.

And you might not know this, but John Krasinski from The Office is also a big part of the show. He’s actually credited as an executive producer.

Rose’s competition will definitely be tough. A preview for Jovovich’s performance also leaked the other day, and it looks like she’s going to be paying tribute to Billy Idol.

The fact that she has fake abs? Well, that’s dedication.

Want to see who wins? You can cheer for your favorite tomorrow night!

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