Ruby Rose is the new face of Urban Decay and we’re in love

What do you get when you combine one of our fave makeup lines and one of our fave badass celebs? A match made in heaven, that’s what. Urban Decay just revealed the new face of the company this morning, and GUYS, IT’S RUBY ROSE. Her official new title? “Most Addictive New Vice,” with the job description involving “rocking our world, and spreading the gospel of our self-expression, addiction to color, and ‘beauty with an edge.’”

But the real question: What does this collab involve? It seems to be something of a mystery. Of course, just a couple months ago, we were squee-ing over Gwen Stefani and Urban Decay’s collaboration (see also: a totally amazing palette we’re still hearting forever), but we don’t know what exactly Rose will be involved in just yet.

The company posted a (fab) pic of Rose with frosted pink lipstick and winged eyeliner, so maybe it’s a hint at a new line. “Ruby Rose. Urban Decay. Obviously,” the caption reads:

“Urban Decay believes in supporting individuality and personal self-expression—two values I hold very dear—because everyone deserves the freedom to explore their personality and discover their true selves,” Rose said in a press release.

Yep, makes sense to us—after all, Rose is the champion of self-expression. “The Urban Decay girl is not only the coolest in the room, but also the nicest,” Wende Zomnir, founding partner of the brand, said in a statement. “So when Ruby Rose hit the scene, we were immediately hooked: with her badass look, fuck-it attitude and playful spirit, she nails what it means to be feminine, dangerous, and fun.”

We don’t know what will be involved, but we’re pretty darn sure we are 100% here for it.

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