Ruby Rose is SLAYING this hot pink hair and leopard print fur

Aussie hottie Ruby Rose is looking more like a fuchsia flower lately with the debut of her brand new hot pink hair. The actress has traded in her signature dark crop for a bright pop of color! This is definitely not your basic ballet baby pink blush color. (Not that there’s anything wrong with that.)

Is it hot pink? Is it magenta (as the Instagram caption reads)? Whatever this color is called, Ruby is slaying it! Her two-tone leopard and cream fur coat is really freakin’ fabulous, too. Not to mention her adorable pup, who blends into the star’s coat. With a smoldering gaze peering out from under electric hued strands, it’s possible that RR has leveled up to even more badass.

Speaking of flowers and leveling up, she’s kind of serving up Ramona Flowers (of Scott Pilgrim vs. the World fame).

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Fuchsia Flower…Ruby Rose…get it? #DadJoke


This is one lucky mother pupper! Can Ruby adopt us?

We predict we’ll see some Ruby Rose fans rocking this look really soon!

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