We love Ruby Rose’s “take” on the ~sexy halloween costume~

Ruby Rose is famous for speaking out about societal norms and changing the way we see things. She prefers to be referred to with female pronouns, but identifies as a gender-fluid individual. She has been a co-host on Australia’s Next Top Model, and a breakout star of Orange Is the New Black in America. She models with that sleek androgynous style that people like Kate Moss made huge in the nineties. Rose is a groundbreaker for sure, and we admire anyone who uses his or her platform to make a statement.

Case in point: Ruby Rose has a hilarious take on the “sexy” Halloween costume.

The actress went on Instagram this morning to post a collage of each time she strayed from the sexy cop or sexy nurse or sexy hamburger trend. In it, she appears as a photo-realistic skeleton, a roughed up Frankenstein’s monster and an oversized woodland creature. But her favorite?


“I love Halloween because I get to be really sexy,” Rose captions. “Slutty pumpkin was my fave.”

She is referring to a dumpy-looking pumpkin costume that honestly is so unsexy it could be filled with leaves raked in from the yard. Rose is one of those effortlessly attractive individuals whose confidence could literally let her do anything she pleases, so yeah, the pumpkin does still kind of work on her. Besides, isn’t it how you feel in a costume that truly makes it “sexy”?


Ruby Rose once again has flipped the world on its head when it comes to making assumptions about one another. If she wears a blob-shaped orange bag on Halloween night and says she’s a slutty pumpkin, then guess what? She’s a slutty pumpkin.

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