Ruby Rose thinks the face on this new Prada bag looks exactly like her

Most of us would be pretty surprised to see our faces on a designer handbag, and it turns out celebrities are no exception. Ruby Rose suspects Prada may have used her face on one of its new handbags, and she just posted the evidence to her Twitter account.

Ruby is never afraid to use her voice to speak up about things that bother her, whether she’s shutting down body-shamers who analyze and criticize her appearance or calling out tabloids for reporting about her complexion. The Prada bag in question is from the fashion house’s spring/summer 2018 collection. According to her Twitter post, Ruby says an unnamed photographer and others have sent her photos of the bag, wondering if she has any affiliation with the brand and if the likeness was intentional.

Check out the time-lapse video Ruby posted showing the similarities between her face and the one on the bag.


In her caption, Ruby notes that Prada says the drawing is of “a made up character with no inspiration from anyone in real life apparently,” before posting another photo of herself, writing “I’m obviously just super common looking. No big deal.” false

Fans were quick to ask where they could acquire the bag, and Ruby responded by saying, “Not from me. I’ll make one, it will look the same because I’ll use the same photo, of my face but in vegan leather. A copy of a copy.” false

It’s of course 100% possible that this is a total coincidence, but we have to admit — the likeness to Ruby is uncanny. And we hope she’s serious about the whole designing-a-vegan handbag thing, because we’d be here for it.